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Hanging on Hope

Where once your thoughts were free to roam, when cancer enters the picture you can’t seem to move past the oh no’s, the what if’s and the what’s going to happen questions. Not feeling well and coping with medical treatments often causes you to wonder where God is in all of this. We address the physical, mental, and spiritual needs you have – to help you get through the toughest battle of your life, one day at a time, by helping you hang on to HOPE!

No one fights alone.


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I am a stage 4 ovarian cancer survivor with experience in all the emotional ups and downs a cancer diagnosis brings – from the treatment and the worries about family to the stress of waiting for test results. But here’s what I also know. You might not think you have a tomorrow, but you have today. My goal is to show you how to hope for a tomorrow, and for the next day, and the one after that – no matter what the docs and test results may say.


Hope is a tangible thing. You might not think so, but when it surges through you, the feeling is as real as the world around you. Your load is lighter. You smile more. You laugh. You are able to enjoy the moment. I’ve been in your shoes…felt the pain, struggled and cajoled and pleaded with God. But when I focused on the one solid thing I know to be true – that my hope is in Christ – all that ugly faded away. I want to share that hope with you.


Almost every woman on both sides of my family has lived well into their nineties. So when I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer, I found it to be, well…surprising to say the least. I NEEDED to be around for my family like my mom was for my kids, and my grandmothers were for me. The feeling of helplessness was overwhelming when I thought of all I would miss…but God helped me through that feeling and I want to help you.

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